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Board of Directors


Ashok Sheshrao Patki | CEO

Expertise in general insurance underwriting, placement and insurance claims. Retired as Regional Manager, The Oriental Ins Co Ltd, Mumbai RO 2 in Apr 2004. Became Principal Officer in March 2006 and remained in that position until recently. At present heading General Insurance Segment. Additionally Guest Lecturer at NIA Pune, College of Ins Mumbai, Mumbai University's Garware Institute and Indian Institute Of Freight Forwarders etc.


Richa R. Dukle | Director, Chartered Accountant

Expertise in Insurance, Finance and Taxation. Currently Director at Xperitus handling Finance and Accounts. 2 Decades of Experience in Insurance, Finance and Taxation


K. L. Naik | Managing Director - Reinsurance

Long and illustrious career since 1964 18 years experience in National Insurance and 31 years in JB BODA Reinsurance Brokers CEO of JB Boda for 10 years from 2003 to 2013 2 times winner of the prestigious S. K.Desai Memorial Prize Guest Faculty at NIA for last 20 years teaching Reinsurance Author of "Theory and Practice in Reinsurance", "The Lexicon of Reinsurance Terminology" and "Reinsurance Manual" His books have received wide appreciation.



Rohan R. Dukle | Chartered Accountant

Expertise in Risk Management, Insurance Solution Development, Claims, Claim Litigation. Lectures at many Forums on different facets of insurance, currently member at Bombay chamber of commerce, Insurance & Hospital Committee. Currently Principal Advisor to the Company. More than 2 Decades of experience in Insurance and Finance.


Er. Sudhir R Gudal | FIE, Chartered Engineer

Expert in Insurance Claims, Arbitration, Consumer Court and Civil Matters relating to insurance. A civil Engineer by profession he has worked on several landmark Arbitrations / Litigations in Insurance such as Boghra Polyfab Pvt. Ltd. Vs National Insurance Pvt Ltd. which is now a cited Judgment of “Accord and Satisfaction” Totally 23 years of experience in Engineering, Insurance and Valuation services


Jayesh Marfatia | Chartered Accountant

Expertise in Taxation, Insurance Claims and Valuation. Advises the company on Compliance and Strategy. Has more than 25 years of experience.