Why Xperitus

Peritus in Latin means Expert. The X”“ prefixing it denotes expertise with the X Factor , something that defines our approach to our work. Xperitus, formerly INSURANCE BROKING AND RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES P LTD, is promoted by a team of Professionals including CAs, Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Surveyors, Underwriters etc, committed to the singular purpose of delivering to our clients value beyond expertise. Xpertise with the X factor.

The company tagline “Value Delivered” shows our commitment to delivering value to our customers across the full spectrum of insurance services during the entire insuring cycle from quotes to claims.

The tick in the Letter X underlines our promise that by choosing Xperitus you will always be making the right choice.The company name ends with the words "US" since we firmly believe that the best results in Insurance can be achieved only by coordination and cooperation which ensures that it is not about your risk or our services, but the common objective of ensuring risk coverage and response, which can bejointly achieved by US together.

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