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  • We pride ourselves in being the best in class at Claims. We have a track record of ensuring that all genuine claims are settled.
  • Our approach to insurance and the Risk Handling processes we lay down ensure that your claims are settled smoothly and without any worries.
  • With promoters who have for several years advised insurers’, policyholders, banks and institutions on claims and claim litigation, Xperitus ensures that the policy serves the purpose that it was taken for, that is to cover risk, and pay claims.
  • The promoting team comprising Insurance Experts, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, and MBAs is well versed in all aspects of the insurance cycle from Risk Analysis and Management to Claims and Claim Litigation.
  • Experts in all kinds of claims including Property, Engineering, Liability, Loss of profit, Credit, Cyber, Jewellers Block, Commodity, Transit and P & I Claims.
  • Our Promoters have advised banks, financial institutions, pharma companies, real estate companies, logistics companies and MSMEs.
  • This single window approach gives Xperitus a unique edge over its competition. Our detailed process to the client’s risk matrix ensures that all possible claim scenarios are visualized and suitably addresses through proper covers, systems, audits, monitoring and SOPs.