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Retail Insurance Solutions

Personalized Insurance Solutions for Ensuring Peace of Mind

Whether you need coverage for your health, life and property, or coverage for vehicle against accidents, theft, and natural disasters, or protection for personal accidents we have you covered. Trust us to help you find the ideal insurance coverage that suits your needs and ensures your financial security.


Provides cashless hospitalisation or reimbursement of medical expenses such as surgical expenses, room rent, consultation fees etc. in the event the insured is hospitalised for more than 24 hours due to a medical emergency


Insurance that pays out a sum of money, also known as death benefit, either on the death of the insured person or upon maturity of the policy


Provides coverage to all types of two-wheeler vehicles such as bikes, scooters, etc. from any risk or damage that may lead to financial loss. This includes personal accident cover or any third-party liabilities

Private Car

A cost-effective and efficient method to financially protect yourself against any loss as a result of damage caused to your vehicle or by your vehicle. Invest in your peace of mind by insuring your vehicle against losses arising from road accidents, vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters etc

Personal Accident

Provides compensation for your family in the event the insured meets an untimely death or is temporarily or permanently disabled due to an accident


Covers a wide range of risks that may affect your travel, such as lost passport, lost baggage, loss or theft of personal belongings, flight delays, medical expenses, etc


Protects your property and home as well as personal belongings such as electrical appliances, jewellery and other valuables in the event of fire, theft/burglary or natural disasters

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