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Risk Management Services

We understand India.

The Indian sub-continent as a risk profile is unique to itself.

Indian industry is exposed to a variety of constantly changing risk arising from political to process related risk, employee to customer related risk.

This uniqueness is often left uncovered by insurance policies which are rooted either in wordings derived from the West or which have remained unchanged and complex for decades.

Risk management in India therefore requires not only a thorough understanding of the business process and domain but also of the several uniquely Indian factors that constantly affect the risk matrix of a business entity.

Having spent several decades consulting for Indian businesses and especially for claims arising under various insurance covers taken by business, our promoters bring uniquely holistic, practical and dynamic approach to risk management, risk reduction, risk mitigation and risk coverage.

Our team comprising professional from different domains ensures that we provide our clients with a single window tailored risk management solution that covers the nuances of each business.

The various services offered include:

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk inspection
  • Rick Gap analysis
  • Asset gap analysis
  • Evaluation of contractual risk
  • Risk mitigation and reduction measures
  • Tailored risk covers
  • Risk response mechanisms and practices